Not An Emulator, Vol 1 - Canadian Malcontent


When I was young, we planted trees,
held our sails across the breeze,
promised all apologies...

what went wrong?

A Trojan horse behind the guard;
hoisted by our own petard;
back to earth, we're falling hard...

what went wrong.

I can't calm down, you're gonna kill us all
(the writing's on the wall)
but I won't say "No."
in pieces I will go...


Before you start another war,
ask yourself, "Who am I fighting for?"

Do you know, my girl?

And, if you're looking for a soul,
you won't find it down the rabbit hole.

No, you won't, my girl.

I show you graphics, maps, and charts
could you feel it in your heart,
or would you be the aggravation
slowly pulling me apart?
Places we should never be,
things that we should never do.
Say that we're better when we're together,
I think not,
I walk alone.

Said you loved me from the start;
why do you wanna tear my world apart?

Are you not my girl?

Said I loved you from the start;
come on, now, don't tear the world apart.

Are you not my girl?

Let me in from the cold,
I promise I'll do what I'm told,
I'll be all you ever need,
or whatever suits me.

Let all my cattle roam,
eat you out of house and home and
it's not impossible; it's inevitable.
I'm taking you down.

'Cause, after all, I'm just a man;
there's only so much I can do,
but I'll do what the hell I want,
living in these little shoes.

All the places you won't see,
all the things you'll never do;
a flood unstoppable,
it's inevitable,
let everyone drown.

Locks(tep) of Love

They've seen much more
than any old man should ever have to see.
They're not 3.

You found my hideaway,
and you're making it
hard to sit
up in the same tree.

I shared my life with you,
but I won't see it through.

Get on and ride away,
before the idiot,
cycle history.

Hey, pacifist... where you going with that lock in your hand?

I'm not a hypocrite
don't want any of this
too many problems of my own
and if I get one wish:
don't want my little fish
swimming against the current year

hold your breath (keep it down)
hold your breath (keep it down)
it's life-or-death (you don't want to be found)
it's life-or-death (you don't want to be found)

Sorry, kids, momma's not coming home.
She meant well, but oh, what can you do?

it's the wrong track, we're on the wrong track
Don't say it matters, when we don't.
it's the wrong track, we're on the wrong track
Don't say we'll matter, when clearly we won't.

Pick yourself up,
brush the dust off,
hold your head high,
don't say goodbye,
just gum the keyhole;
you don't need these people.

Wipe the blood off,
light a fire up,
burn a bridge down
as you leave town;
you don't need these people,
these people,
at all.


a better future's coming;
I'd better get out of the way
up by your bootstraps, buddy,
til you can pay to play

over the rainbow, we'll climb;
gonna make it any day,
the storm will break and
we will feel those Sunny Ways

hey, politician,
what's your superposition?
all that foreign money's listening, honey;
give it something to believe

forever tragic
that I don't believe in magic
while I'm
I'm moving mountains,
keep your hands off my family tree-eau

Oh baby, let's go
down that yellow brick road
I'll help you
Lean In
to the dog and pony show,
commit yourself to the lie,
until we whither and die.
a bread and circus and a dog and pony show

I don't dance in the dark,
I know what's going on here:
you're all Christy Clark.
Well, it's a Great Leap Forward, I know
off the cliff, we go...

Oh baby, let's go
turn the lights down low,
Step Up and Lean In
to the dog and pony show
I'll take your medicine dry,
and watch the monkeys fly,
the burning question is:

It's progressive, I know
kick the chair, let's go

Do you live with your parents?
How do you live with yourself?

Falling apart, falling apart
"too big to fail" are we?
I'm falling apart, falling apart
a past participle hangs in front of me.
Falling apart, falling apart,
I don't matter, 'cause I'm not new, anymore;
broken heart, old, rusty parts.

It puts the lotion, but it

We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of...

Not An Emulator, Vol 2 - Attractions in Duluth

Tender Years

She never used to be abrasive,
only smooth and persuasive,
now it's all I know


If I get terse, well, it just gets worse
and I'm abetting the curse

(Mother. Fucker.)

and if I leave, well, she rolls up her sleeve
Rosie Riveter, please…
put down that lie

Listen, believe.
Who would deceive?
The Big Bad Wolf with the Big Blue Eyes

Everything she does is magic.
Every little thing I do is wrong.

I can't see the forest for the hanging tree
Somebody pick me up and put me in your basket

‘cause I can’t.

Take me off this frozen throne.
I've got a house but not a home.

I'm King Arthur's bastard son, what the hell have I done wrong?
All alone, I'm not alone.

Take me off this frozen throne.
You put me up here on your own.

They will say it's just a song, cause who would suffer for so long?
All alone, I'm not alone… I'm not alone… I'm not alone…

She keeps fucking with me, she's gonna “kill (my) family”
I can't call the police, try to cut off her fleecing
I wanna blow off steam, to sleep, perchance to dream?
One more soliloquy, right through my history


Hands on my throat
murder, she wrote
come on boy, take it like a man
and I can't crack
and I can't hold/fight back
you gonna hit a woman?

They held me down, took my pants down
but I could never understand?

Come on, white knight, well, I've got all night…

Fuck you, Hemming.

"It ain't my fault…
It ain't my fault…
It ain't my fault…

It ain't my fault…
It ain't my fault…
It ain't my fault… It's my fault, my fault."

I had a fantasy.
“Get thee to a nunnery!”

Hey, shitlord… what's in the box?
Hey, shitlord… no! Don't open the box!
Hey, shitlord… ohhh, why'd you open the box?!

Hey, shitlord,
hey, fuckface,
hey, asshole,
be a better man,
you worthless,
old rapist,
you're fucking scum,
hey, shitlord,
hey, shitlord…

hey, shitlord?


Bully free?
Stupid me.
Out of the way, old young man.

Why does it seem I can't get clean?
Push me aside, cause I tried.

I cried.

How do you feel?
Like nobody cares?
You just take these pills, and you'll get better, man.
Why would you say, “Nobody cares.”?
You just talk to me, and you'll be a better man.

help me
I am
cure my
infectious disease

From all these holes,
actual holes
I bleed anxiety

oh, I've tried these
no, I've tried these
no, I've tried these

How do I feel?
Like nobody cares.
You said, “take these pills, and you'll get better, man.”
Why would I say, “Nobody cares."?
Cause you walked out on me, and I'm no better, man.

Let's talk, let's talk,
let's talk some more
but, “your time is up,” so get out the door
No one gives a fuck with a Starbuck's cup
but, “don't let it get to you.”

Who are you?
What have they done with the real you?
Who are you?
I won't let them go til you tell me.
Who are you?
What have you done with the real you?

Who are you?
I don't know… I'm nothing?