Everything I say is a lie

Just blatantly lie, like "враньё."

In the west, we are enjoying a solid era of "делать хорошую мину при плохой игре," as I found on stackexchange.

The problem with Trudeau is that there's a fairly high probability he's just stupid, and so damaged from his early childhood of parental neglect that he can't ever get enough attention, good or bad.

"I don't read the newspapers, I don't watch the news," he confessed with apparent pride. "I figure, if something important happens, someone will tell me."

Effectively nobody believes this shit he's talking about, and asserting it's both fringe but applicable to any concern is a conspiracy theory itself.

In contrast, BLM, en-masse, believes a conspiracy theory that white supremacists whitely run the entirety of western civilization, if not the entire world, and are murdering blacks like Rwanda (cough)... and this asshole goes along with it because he's an asshole.

There are so few police shootings in Canada, people can either remember them all, or can't remember any. If this literal conspiracy theory held any water, why would basically all western nations be under ethnic-division-onslaught by forced hyper-diverse governments and massive levels of immigration intended to soft-Rwanda the nation-state, often being implemented by turbo-whites?

Anyway, we have come full circle, and the "experts" are trying to sound intelligent again. Travel restrictions were racist, then necessary because white supremacy was killing grandma, now back to ineffective, racist, and not "evidence-based."

Come the F*** on:

"China hasn't been using mRNA shots unlike most of the west, which means variants out of that country may be more contagious, but also susceptible to the vaccines in this part of the world, Furness said."

Pfizer write this line?

"Opposing" political parties are both enemies and co-conspirators; everyone is lying to you, and the only person incapable of doing it with a straight face is Kamala Harris.