Leaky Vaccines: LaaS (Life-as-a-Service), Part 1

Bill Gates and, in vast particular, the et alia, are aggressively "buying out" your Compu-Global-Hyper-Mega-Net (small business, house, farm, data, family, culture, air, water, you name it).

ID2020, COVID Pass, whatever you want to call it, is just applying the subscription licensing model to your life. This is why banks and corporations have become "trusted and friendly faces who care" and are somehow spearheading "public health" policy, instead of actual medical science and ethics.

When you fire all your in-house admins except the new TFW and move to "The Cloud" SaaS/PaaS method, you have given up control of your data and put your infrastructure beyond arm's reach. It's out there, somewhere.

They can just pull the plug if they don't like your voting habits, or cause a "cyber-pandemic with COVID-like characteristics" (because you outsourced your backups, too) while you bewilderedly scratch the Spikevax/HSV-2 hybrid you picked up from "that cute guy" you "had fun with" at the watering trough.

Some of you moved off the mainframe to save costs, but now Azure pricing is no better, or even worse, with a thousand times more script kiddies pawing at your pointers. The more you depend on the tempting ease-of-use features, the less you realize how the prices have crawled right back up to what it used to cost in-house, except now you own nothing, and you've never been happier... until something goes wrong.


Hat tip @Harvard2H

I've been calling this Great Reset bullshit "Life-as-a-Service" ever since I found out about digital ID and social credit schemes. You keep being their "human capital" and they let you live. The problem is, by rushing to leverage an accidental/intentional lab-leak pandemic, they appear to have massively, accidentally/intentionally screwed up.

Thanks to really-shitty "gene therapy" shots, this isn't just about whether you have a job or a house or can get on the bus anymore; they will soon force you onto a regularily-expiring license in order to actually live.

It gets the tri-monthly vaccine, else it gets the hose again.

- NE